Our philosophy

One hundred years ago, we created the 28 brand through our Perle 28 label. A beer that focuses on taste, not price.

In today’s overly saturated market, we produce beers with exceptional flavor that are exceptionally light, without sugar, sweeteners, colorings or preservatives.

With a 30% reduction in calories compared to other beer styles, the exceptional taste of a 28 Craft Beer will pleasantly surprise consumers worldwide. Our natural brewing process may be a mystery, but our passion for craft beer is loud and clear.

Craft Beer

In 2012, we opened a new chapter in the long history of exceptional craft beers by vowing to deliver locally brewed craft beers, sell them in 28 gastro pubs within 28 weeks of bottling and deliver within a 28 minute radius.
In this way, our consumers and customers would get the beer with the highest taste.

In honor of the legendary Perle28, we used the 28 logo to restore and enforce the brand. At the time, the craft beer community was somewhat skeptical of low-carb craft beers ever having a future. How wrong people were.

Low Carb

28 is a brand where dreams have become a purposeful reality. Having experienced sustained growth over the last 4 years, we are not prepared to rest on our laurels.

That’s why we’ve taken the approach of working toward a larger goal with the “LOW CARB CRAFT BEER” strap line to appeal to the enthusiasts, talents and communities that support us.

These two core elements are the pillars of our focus: delivering a sugar-free, low-carb, delicious-tasting, low-calorie craft beer.

Our spirit

The successful implementation of Brand 28 comfortably tells the company’s story from creation to conception and builds trust in who they are, what they do and what services and products they offer.

It is often said that an engaging and genuine story systematically enforces a brand’s honesty and acts as a catalyst for its longevity in the marketplace. At 28, we are all stakeholders who support the health and vitality of our brand. The more familiar you are with our brand, the more connected you will become. Your insight and participation are welcomed and encouraged.

Brewery 28 also produces Toccalmatto beer. Its great success in Italy is spreading to the entire community of beer lovers. A community that particularly appreciates the creativity and quality of certain labels such as the famous Zona Cesarini as one of the best in the world.

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