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We are a craft beer brewery from Italy and Belgium, specializing in the production and distribution of low-carb, sugar-free beers.

Low-carb, sugar-free craft beers(ages 16+).

We have something for everyone…go here for our 13 varieties.
Taste it, love it.

Tastes are different, but better than most commercial beers with the advantage of no sugar and less carbohydrates. 🙂

Don’t drink and drive! Our products contain alcohol. We recommend to leave the car afterwards.

Yes, it’s vegetarian and vegan. It also contains no artificial colors or preservatives.

Of course! Our beers are perfect for weddings, make an impression at barbecues, and taste great on the couch at closing time. Simply order in our online shop and have it conveniently delivered to your home.

On our homepage you will find a list of restaurants, distributors and the retail partners where you can buy our products. Also, check out Facebook to see what events you can catch us at next.

As many as you like. The minimum purchase is one packaging unit. (6 bottles 0,33cl)

You can find the current prices and special offers in our Online Shop!

Our “28 Beers” will be sent to you directly from our shipping partner “Weship” with DPD.

Within 48h for orders throughout Austria.

For refrigeration, you need a cool, dark place (cellar below 21°C) for forced storage if you don’t have enough space in the fridge. Otherwise simply in the refrigerator with at least 6°-10°C.

Yes, we offer individual branding, for example with company logos. Please send us an email to discuss the details.

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